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Exposure to Industry Program (EIP)

The UCSD Postdoctoral Association Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee is dedicated to promoting a diverse and inclusive community, where everyone feels welcome. The EDI committee was formed in 2020 to address important challenges that the UCSD community and greater society experience in light of inequity and exclusion. We work to support the postdoctoral community and facilitate programs and events that enhance equity, diversity, and inclusivity. Our mission aligns with the UCSD’s goal of creating a respectful, fair, and cooperative campus climate, highlighted by the UCSD Office of the Vice-Chancellor for EDI. Our committee is open to ideas and suggestions from everyone in our community. Please sign up as a volunteer for the EDI committee or contact the listed EDI Co-Vice Chairs for more information on how to support this mission.

Contact (to join or sponsor): For further information about Exposure to Industry Program (EIP), please contact us at: or Federica Klaus, Ph.D., Co-Vice Chair of Exposure to Industry Program (EIP), at