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Equity Diversity & Inclusion 


About Us

MISSION: To promote equity, diversity, and inclusion for post-docs at UCSD. 

Contact (to join or sponsor):

Jose Martinez-Claros, Ph.D. - Co-Vice Chair of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 

Samantha Yeager, Ph.D. - Co-Vice Chair of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 


EDI Resources 

  • Vice Chancellors Office of EDI
    • UCSD Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion has compiled a comprehensive list of resources and support groups for students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty. Resources include student support groups and alumni networks for a wide range of diverse communities (e.g., LGBT, ethnic minorities, religious affiliations) as well as resources for disability, undocumented student services, community connections, and students in distress.
  • Queer Science Society
    • Queer Science Society is a queer postdoc-led group that meets monthly to discuss research, popular media, and other published work of interest to queer people in STEM. Each meeting, we introduce any new members who wish to speak, review a topic of the month and then we split into small groups to chat and get to know each other. Website:; Join:
  • Black Resource Center
  • Diversity in Science Lectures
    • The graduate Diversity and Science Lecture Series (DASL) shines a light on the amazing work being done by life science trainee researchers at UCSD and beyond. Attend a session to hear about their cutting edge work and the life experiences that have shaped their careers and research interests.
  • San Diego Center For AIDS Research Health Equity Journal Club
    • A monthly journal club held on the last Friday of every month. This journal club focuses on discussing health inequalities, particularly in the field of HIV. All students or trainees are welcome to attend this journal club and submit suggestions for journal articles. For more information please visit: Health Equity Journal Club website
    • Please email to be added to the mailing list for the Health Equity Journal Club meetings.
  • Diversity Supplement Funding Opportunity
  • UCSD Equity in Graduate Training
    • This resource center aligns with the California Consortium for Inclusive Doctoral Education (C-CIDE) initiative that aims to create a network of faculty and administrators across doctoral-granting universities that aims to diversify the demographic composition of STEM graduate programs and the scientific workforce in California.
    • They host a variety of workshops, public events, and research activities to advance racial equity among graduate and postdoctoral programs including, workshops to write/solicit letters of recommendations for equity, discussions on postdoctoral hiring and equity issues in STEM, quarterly journal club, and a curated library to foster learning about inclusive practices. 
  • Women in Technology
    • This is a guide educating about women in technology. Among other topics this guide covers:
      • Why women have historically been underrepresented in the technology field
      • What can be done to create gender parity in the technology industry
      • Specific programs for women interested in pursuing a career in technology
      • How things are changing for women in technology, especially for the earning power of millennials
      • Scholarship opportunities for women pursuing studies in technology