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Wellness & Sustainability

MISSION: The UCSD PDA is committed to ensuring all postdocs have access to Wellness and Sustainability resources. 

Contact (to join or sponsor): Jianhua Gong Ph.D. - Co-Vice Chair of Wellness & Sustainability


Wellness Resources:

The UCSD Center for Mindfulness and Institute for Empathy & Compassion

Free live online and recordings of mindfulness and compassion sessions (daily)

UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness

Free videos, Poetry and Resources on Mindfulness

Insight Timer

Free 40-day course on how to integrate mindfulness into your workdays.

FSAP (Faculty and Staff Assistance Program) UCSD

Live classes on various topics related to wellbeing

FSAP (Faculty and Staff Assistance Program) UCSD

For campus employees and the members of their immediate household, help to resolve concerns that may be affecting personal well-being and/ or job performance

FASP: Cup’o Wellness Series

Live free workshops for postdocs on wellness (monthly)

FASP: Tritons Flourish Group

Group meeting for faculty and staff (monthly)

The Zone UCSD

Free programs and resources on well-being

UCSD Recreation

Free online health and fitness program aimed at wellness and health


App for meditation (free trial and paid version)


App for meditation and mindfulness (free and paid version)

Yoga with Adriene

Free yoga videos

The Aesthetics of Joy

Newsletter and resource for finding more joy in life and work

Gretchen Rubin

Webpage of Author of non-fictional books with collection of resources and podcasts on how to make life better

Brene Brown

Webpage of Author of non-fictional books with collection of resources for work and daily life

Shape America

Lesson plans and resources for educators (brain breaks and physical education)

Dog Down App

Offering free yoga, HIIT, Barre and other workouts free to students, educators and healthcare professionals

Planet Fitness

Free daily workouts streaming live from Planet Fitness Facebook page

Do Yoga with Me

Free yoga classes for different levels

Minimalist baker

Healthy recipe ideas with few ingredients and will be ready in minutes


Sustainability Resources:

Green Labs/Office Program at UCSD

Programs that help laboratories/offices reduce their footprints and get certified (monthly meetings)

My Green Lab

Program to introduce sustainability to the laboratory research community

Plant a garden

Campus gardens that promote education and the growth of sustainable food's-Garden

UCSD Sustainability

Virtual seminars about sustainability (monthly)

UC San Diego Sustainability Awards

Award recognizing individuals and groups contribution to sustainability

Green new deal

The Green New Deal at UCSD is a climate action group

Sustainability at Scripps

Information and events covering topics such as waste collection (recycling, compost, special items), zero-waste projects and sustainability

Roger’s Urban Farmlab

Resources and live stream of farmlab with student-lead projects designed to help reduce food waste and carbon emissions and producing locally-grown produce

Solana Center for Environmental Innovation

Center that provides community education services to reduce waste, conserve water, and build healthy soil

Sustainable Dish Podcast

Podcasts on sustainable farming, food and eco-living

Greener Ideal Recipes

Sustainable and healthy recipe ideas

Earthwell Refill

Zero-waste shop in San Diego offering a variety of products that can be purchased as refill


General information on sustainable lifestyle and tips on where to start

Sustainable Fashion Matterz

Information on sustainable fashion

Trash to Coture

DIY sewing tutorials and repurposed fashion




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