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Community Engagement

The Community Engagement team aims to make sure that all postdocs feel included and have the chance to participate in the social life of UC San Diego (and beyond!). We organize and promote a variety of social events for postdoctoral fellows (and their families), including events in collaboration with other universities and research institutes in the San Diego area. 

What event would you like us to organize?

  • We always welcome new ideas and volunteers to help organize fun activities!
  • Please check out the event calendar to see what's coming up next! 

Contact (to join or sponsor):

Ipsita Mohanty, Ph.D. ( - Vice Chair of Community Engagement"
Theresa Rohm, Ph.D. ( - Vice-Chair of Community Engagement"

The past events are:

- Beach Day (La Jolla Shores)
- Halloween Hike (Los Peñasquitos Canyon)
- Beach bonfire (La Jolla Shores)
- Pub night (New English Brewing)
- Hike (Iron Mountain)
- Yoga at the park (La Jolla Park with
- Pub night (Stone Brewing)
- Annual Networking Event (Dirty Birds)


Clubs and Postdoc Groups


Bookworms at UCSD - A Book Club with a Global Perspective

We are a passionate lot of readers comprising students, academics, and professionals at UC San Diego. We are diverse and read just about anything. Each month, we choose a book thru members' suggestions and casually meet at coffee places to share our ideas.
 This book club started as an ISPO interest group in late 2021. If you are someone who loves reading, wants book suggestions, wants to get the motivation, or wants to hang out with fellow readers, this book club is for you!

Click here to join 

Questions: Contact Eshani Hettiarachchi at or Lisa Liang at q2liang@UCSD.EDU