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Current Postdoc Spotlights

Here we have the pleasure to highlight the efforts of our current postdocs from their outstanding research.

Current Postdoc Spotlights

  • Simone Tosi, Ph.D.

    Simone Tosi, Ph.D.

    Simone is a postdoctoral fellow in the Ecology, Behavior and Evolution section of the Division of Biological Sciences. His research focuses on the study of the impact of environmental stressors on bee behavior and health.

    He and his collaborators recently published two research articles. The first one ( shows that pesticides widely contaminate our environment for prolonged periods, reaching  levels that can pose harm to human and bee health. The second one ( demonstrates that field-realistic exposures to neonicotinoid pesticides alter bee activity, motor functions, and phototaxis, likely altering bee survival and division of labour.