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Current Postdoc Spotlights

Here we have the pleasure to highlight the efforts of our current postdocs from their outstanding research.

Current Postdoc Spotlights

  • Dr. Daniel Ojeda Juarez

    Dr. Daniel Ojeda Juarez

    The UCSD Postdoctoral Association is proud to spotlight Dr. Daniel Ojeda Juarez in the latest Postdoc Spotlight Series!

Featured Postdocs

  •  Beata Edyta Mierzwa

    Beata Edyta Mierzwa

    UC San Diego Women Scientists Featured in Statue Exhibit at the Smithsonian.

    Image: Beata Mierzwa presenting her art and fashion at the UC San Diego Art Showcase ‘Bloom: Women Growing Their Roots in STEM’ in 2020. The piece in the center is ‘The Final Cut,’ her first science illustration.IfThenSheCan - The Exhibit at the Smithsonian.

  • Dr. Hannah Baughman

    Dr. Hannah Baughman


    Dr. Hannah Baughman is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry who has been nominated for UCSD’s Monthly Postdoctoral Spotlight Series by Constanza Torres-Paris.

    From Constanza Torres-Paris: “Dr. Hannah Baughman is a postdoctoral fellow in the Komives lab, where I am a graduate student at. She started on 2019 when I was a third year grad student and has significantly positively impacted our lab. First of all, she offers invaluable research and personal mentorship to grad students and undergrads in the lab. She's the only postdoc that has volunteered to look up my drafts, or troubleshoot experiments even if we work in totally different projects. She's also mentored several undergraduates in the lab that now are proudly current graduate students. In addition, she is an outstanding teacher. We had the opportunity of both being instructors of record in Summer Session 1, 2021 and I could see how much she cared about the class. She prepared all the class material with a lot of dedication and always centered on her students’ needs. That can be probed by the CAPE evaluations, where 100% of her students recommended her as an instructor for that class. Also, whenever she finds out of a research position for undergraduate students, she makes sure to follow up with her former students in case they are looking to obtain some hands-on research experience. It's very rare that an instructor takes time to follow up with students after the quarter is over. Research-wise, Dr. Baughman is one of the most capable scientists I've met. Her project is about deciphering how a disordered region impacts the way a transcription factor involved in cancer binds to DNA. She's presented her work in nation-wide conferences and is currently waiting for a manuscript to be published. When she talks about her project, she explains everything so carefully and logical that it seems very easy and obvious, when it clearly is not. She is very detailed-oriented and plans her experiments thoroughly after carefully reading the literature. I also want to highlight her research ethics and the importance she gives to reproducibility of her data, something that she is always also making sure everyone else in the lab follows. She has been awarded two fellowships during her Postdoctoral time (IRACDA fellowship and the American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellowship) that show her commitment to education and her excellence at research. Dr. Baughman is an example as a scientist, as a woman and as a person.”

  • Evan Boyle

    Evan Boyle

    Diversity and Science Lecture Series Gets Funded

    Image: 2021-2022 DASL organizers include (from left to right) Jillybeth Burgado, Fabiana Izidro Layng, Evan Boyle, Gertrude Ecklu-Mensah, Noorsher Ahmed, and Gabriela Goldberg. Not pictured: Mike Cuoco and Dottie Dothard.

  • Yackar Mauzole

    Yackar Mauzole

    Dr. Yackar Mauzole is a Scripps #oceanographer & postdoc working with Dr. Jennifer MacKinnon. She studies oceanic fronts & other processes in the Bay of Bengal using remote-sensing observations, including satellite datasets.


    View her work here: