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Current Postdoc Spotlights

Here we have the pleasure to highlight the efforts of our current postdocs from their outstanding research.

Current Postdoc Spotlights

  • Yackar Mauzole

    Yackar Mauzole

    Dr. Yackar Mauzole is a Scripps #oceanographer & postdoc working with Dr. Jennifer MacKinnon. She studies oceanic fronts & other processes in the Bay of Bengal using remote-sensing observations, including satellite datasets.


    View her work here: 

Featured Postdocs

  •  Beata Edyta Mierzwa

    Beata Edyta Mierzwa

    UC San Diego Women Scientists Featured in Statue Exhibit at the Smithsonian.

    Image: Beata Mierzwa presenting her art and fashion at the UC San Diego Art Showcase ‘Bloom: Women Growing Their Roots in STEM’ in 2020. The piece in the center is ‘The Final Cut,’ her first science illustration.IfThenSheCan - The Exhibit at the Smithsonian.

  • Evan Boyle

    Evan Boyle

    Diversity and Science Lecture Series Gets Funded

    Image: 2021-2022 DASL organizers include (from left to right) Jillybeth Burgado, Fabiana Izidro Layng, Evan Boyle, Gertrude Ecklu-Mensah, Noorsher Ahmed, and Gabriela Goldberg. Not pictured: Mike Cuoco and Dottie Dothard.