Alumni Spotlights

We have enlisted the advice of recent postdoc alumni who have successfully found positions in either academia or industry. The answers they provide (to a common questionnaire) reflect common threads of perseverance, reality checks and optimism. We thank our alumni for their forthcoming and pointed responses!

Academic Research

Pharma | Biotech R&D

Entrepreneurship | Startup R&D

Medicine & Healthcare

  • Sheila Rosenberg, Ph.D

    Sheila Rosenberg, Ph.D

    Principal Investigator and Assistant Director of Research 
    Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare

  • James Gregory, Ph.D

    James Gregory, Ph.D

    Staff Scientist
    Center for the Genomics of Neurodegenerative Disease, The New York Genome Center

Business of Science

Law | Policy | Regulatory | Technology Commercialization

Science Communication


  • Evan Merkhofer, Ph.D

    Evan Merkhofer, Ph.D

    Assistant Professor 
    Department of Biology
    Mount Saint Mary College

  • Dan Pollard, Ph.D

    Dan Pollard, Ph.D

    Assistant Professor
    Department of Biology
    Western Washington University

  • David Stachura, Ph.D

    David Stachura, Ph.D

    Assistant Professor
    Department of Biological Sciences
    California State University, Chico

  • Erilynn Heinrichsen, Ph.D

    Erilynn Heinrichsen, Ph.D

    TA Professional Development Specialist
    Center for Engaged Teaching
    UC San Diego Teaching + Learning Commons